Apothocary Action 2017

This is a see it- hear it – get your hands on it experience

Over the next two months on a range of dates learn how to make tinctures salves medicated jellies and honey.

These short workshops have been set up for the herbal students of Om Shanti College.

Limited places have been made available for other interested folk to join in.

July 16Press out Solomons seal tincture and make herbal salves

July 30thMake an aromatic salve, prepare infused oils and a bruise salve

August 13thMake herbal moisturiser and herbal lip balm

August 27Make Herbal jelly, Cherry syrup and lemon balm infused honey.

Cost for each day is $50 The day runs from 10 am to 4 pm

Bring your own lunch eats and drinks.

Contact Christopher by email or phone message to book your place

tinderryherbs@gmail.com  Mobile 041 201 6892

Apothecary – a person who prepares medicines and drugs