Book Bargains

What MORE Second hand book bargains!
 The treasures keep coming from my secret location in Queanbeyan.

Cedric Mims – The War within us  covering  our immune system and disease. A serious tome yet written for the general reader. Originally sold for over $90 yet I snapped it up for well under $5

Healing Remedies – Comes from Bottom line books a publishing  enterprise from Boardroom Reports.  It is a collection of American folk remedies re purposed into this one volume. My interest is the way the book is presented. Boardroom reports is a very savvy  organisation running newsletters and book publishing marketed directly to consumers. Many lessons to be learnt from their example.

Louise Hay – Heal your Body – I had a problem with this book for a long time. I resented how people would look up your ailment then diagnose and  pronounce judgement upon you (like an Old Testament Prophet) about how you were thinking incorrectly.  Reading the book that is not how Louise envisaged it being used. I actually learnt a few things including a great insight into Menieres Disease about the Cervical spine. It is meant to give you insight as to where your mental attitudes are being manifested into your physical body. Your body talks to you through what we experience and name as illness. A small but profound book

The Fischer King and The Handless Maiden – Robert A Johnson Jungian Analyst Robert Johnson writes books where every word and story is carefully measured. In this volume he speaks of each genders psychic wounds and how to deal with them.

I recently learn that Robert passed way last September at the wonderful age of 97. Any book by him is to be read and reflected on and treasured. He was one of the best contemporary writers on Jungian perspectives for us everyday Folk. Jung is one of those Titans who needs intermediaries for us to grasp what he meant and how it reflects into our everyday lives.

Another trove for well under $10