Book Bargains

What MORE Second hand book bargains!
 The treasures keep coming from my secret location in Queanbeyan.

Cedric Mims – The War within us  covering  our immune system and disease. A serious tome yet written for the general reader. Originally sold for over $90 yet I snapped it up for well under $5

Healing Remedies – Comes from Bottom line books a publishing  enterprise from Boardroom Reports.  It is a collection of American folk remedies re purposed into this one volume. My interest is the way the book is presented. Boardroom reports is a very savvy  organisation running newsletters and book publishing marketed directly to consumers. Many lessons to be learnt from their example.

Louise Hay – Heal your Body – I had a problem with this book for a long time. I resented how people would look up your ailment then diagnose and  pronounce judgement upon you (like an Old Testament Prophet) about how you were thinking incorrectly.  Reading the book that is not how Louise envisaged it being used. I actually learnt a few things including a great insight into Menieres Disease about the Cervical spine. It is meant to give you insight as to where your mental attitudes are being manifested into your physical body. Your body talks to you through what we experience and name as illness. A small but profound book

The Fischer King and The Handless Maiden – Robert A Johnson Jungian Analyst Robert Johnson writes books where every word and story is carefully measured. In this volume he speaks of each genders psychic wounds and how to deal with them.

I recently learn that Robert passed way last September at the wonderful age of 97. Any book by him is to be read and reflected on and treasured. He was one of the best contemporary writers on Jungian perspectives for us everyday Folk. Jung is one of those Titans who needs intermediaries for us to grasp what he meant and how it reflects into our everyday lives.

Another trove for well under $10

Culpepers Complete Herbal – The real Complete Herbal!

A recent addition to the library is the Culpeper Complete Herbal. Wordsworth Reference Library published 1995

There seems to be more versions of Culpeper herbals than hairs on my arm. I initially when offered the book said that I had it. On looking closer there is the all the parts normally cut out of general editions.

It Includes the catalogue of simples  and the family dispensary with notes on the degree of heat and cold each remedy exhibits. Plus his original epistle at the start and a forward to his wife Alice, Plus Galen’s key to the physic and a curious section called Culpepers last legacies.  Fully half of the book is in these parts.

A quote about my favourite herb Solomon’s Seal

Of Solomon’s Seal. Stamped and boiled in wine it speedily helps (being drank) all broken bones, and is of incredible virtue that way; as also being stamped and applied to the place, it soon heals all wounds, and quickly takes away all the black and blue marks of blows, being bruised and applied to the place, and for these, I am persuaded there is not a better medicine under the sun.

Go to my review of Culpeper HERE


CAUTION -Website Revamp ahead!

Folks – Letting you know I am in the process of revamping this web-site and focusing the  types of matters I write about in my newsletters.

Somethings will disappear – the focus of the site will change and not be so broad. The new focus of this site will be the wonder of plants especially medicinal plants. My newsletters will focus on the following –

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Sunday herbalist – Articles for clients with a simple clear focus on health awareness and actions to take

The Natural Physician – The Flagship newsletter of the Hierophant one of Australia’s leading dispensaries for Herbs and Homeopathic medicine. Strong focus on case histories, the matrix system of Kim Dudley and materia medica ( remedy talk in depth).

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Christopher Smith


Botanical Desecration

I don’t use the word desecration often but this piece of news warrants it.

Firstly If I may, I need to fill you in on some background and context for it to make sense for you. OK.

Herbariums all round the world hold collections of pressed dried plants as a source of information about our plant diversity. This allows new species to be correctly identified,  classifications of plants to be reviewed and much other important research.

Apart from the scientific value they also have heritage value.  Consider the plants Captain Cook collected on his voyages, the plant specimens Richard Evans Schulte’s collected in South America as part of the worlds collective botanical heritage.

Generally, species are described by taxonomists based on a type specimen and the details published in a scientifically recognised publication. The published scientific name and the official description which defines the characteristics of the species are then permanently associated with this type specimen. ( Thanks to the WA Museum website for this description).

So in order to support research and scientific collaboration Herbariums around the world swap specimens and lend material to other herbariums. This had been standard practice for hundreds of years. Nothing new here. This work goes on in the background quietly without much fuss.

Enter stage right the spectre of bureaucracy in Australia with the Department of customs and import.
In an article by Erik Stokstad on News May 11 2017 the dreadful story was outlined of valuable herbarium specimens being incinerated and destroyed due to thoughtless adherence to rules and procedures.

Early 2017 – Specimens collected by a French expedition 1791-1793 held by the French National Museum of Natural History were destroyed by biosecurity officers. Reason paper work was incomplete, a reply email to clarify from the Queensland Herbarium went astray, the declaration paperwork said low value so after 30 days into the incinerator. This included six type specimens!

But that’s not all
October 2016 Sydney Botanical specimens from New Zealand including a type specimen were destroyed. No reason has been reported.

There are investigations and half hearted qualified responses from customs but the material is gone forever.

What appals me is the lack of intelligent intervention when something goes awry or not as expected. Notice I did not say the word wrong. You can see in the incident the mentality of a right wrong punishment attitude and mentality.

  • Paper was not filled out correctly – wrong
  • Value on the customs declaration was low value for such an item – wrong
  • Thirty days had elapsed, no response – wrong.

Resulting from that is punishment – incineration destruction.

So otherwise intelligent educated human beings when placed in a bureaucratic system abrogate, relinquish, abandon any ability to resolve issues. They seemingly cannot observe, inquire, stop, think, take time to resolve an out of the ordinary matter. To exercise an individual act of leadership. What we see is people following process in a narrow bandwidth of possibility. Don’t colour outside the lines.

Here is a parcel sent between official government departments with sender and receiver details and associated paperwork, so no phone call ? to check it out?

A bureaucratic action in the worse sense of that word.  It reeks of judgement, right and wrong, absolutism, no allowance for vagaries and variance of life that needs intelligent interaction to handle.

The website  The Conversation  has an article on herbariums which has embedded the link to this story. Search for herbarium on the site and up it will come.

The header picture is from Wikipedia permission allowed for non commercial reproduction. It shows a page from an Arabic Herbal.