Ehrenfried Pfieffer – Chromatography

Rudolf Steiner had a head protégée – Ehrenfried Pfieffer

He gave him a mission and that was to go out and show biodynamics works from a scientific perspective. The chromatography technique he developed after many years was able to show the life force in plants, making what was previously invisible visible.

So in a material visible form here was a window into the life force and vitality of substances even soils grains and foods.

This book outlines the actual technique to achieve this result.

Currently out of print and only available in an E book form.

Pfieffer had many achievement in the Biodynamic and Organic agriculture world

  • He coordinated the international research undertaken to test & develop Biodynamic agriculture from Steiner’s lectures
  • In 1939 he organised Britain’s first Biodynamic agriculture conference
  • He played a large role in establishing biodynamics in America visiting, lecturing and eventually settling in America
  • He developed two techniques (One described above) for imaging that he felt showed the presence of life-forces or etheric formative forces
  • Rachael Carson consulted with him when she was writing her book Silent Spring that warned of the dangers of pesticide usage.
  • Pfieffer consulted for may years on municipal composting activities using the biodynamic compost preparations
  • Qualified in nutrition and chemistry plus a very experiences Biodynamic practitioner

Below is the book image plus a portrait of Ehrenfried Pfieffer

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These three images show the chroma result of three different types of milk. They have been prepared by John Hodgkinson