Embrace of the serpent

This recent film connected me with a great childhood fantasy and love – The Amazon jungle.

I read about it in books borrowed from the Robe Institute library in the 1970’s and I was smitten. The stories of savage Indians, blow pipes,  anacondas, malaria and tropical diseases plus piranhas.

White explorers who disappeared  in to its depths only to emerge months later haggard, clothes in tatters with scarcely believable stories of their adventures.

Back to the film – Filmed in Columbia – in black and white – all dialogue being in native language or Portuguese with subtitles. Do not be put off!

Seeing the jungle in black and white allows you to see its form and texture without the distraction of all that green.

The narrative is fictional but the two white men characters actually existed. One of them was Richard Evans Schulte’s a Harvard ethnobotanist of great renown. he is well worth looking up on Wikipedia and I will talk further about him in a future newsletter.

When you read this review the film will have passed  from the cinemas. Find a copy rent a copy etc. and marvel. The two plus hours just glide by.

Rating – for inspiration alone an eight out of ten.