‘Gangsta’ Gardening

Ron Finley - Gangsta Gardener
Gangsta Gardener in Los Angles Ron Finley

This is no damn Hobby

The garden seduces me,” says Ron Finley, who is known around the world as the “gangsta gardener”. “I’ll get out there at 9am and next thing I know it’s 7pm … gardening takes your mind off things. Everybody should have a garden to cultivate.”

Ron is gardening in South Central Los Angles an area that does not sound like a gardening hot Spot to me. You would be more acquainted with the Gangsta Rap music from there rather than the zucchini harvest.

He calls his area a food prison with very few productive gardens, yet there is a great climate for growing food plants. This is a serious enterprise and Ron says ‘This is no damn hobby’

He calls his area a food prison

It all started when he wanted to access food that had not been sprayed by chemicals and started off by gardening the land between his house and the street. In typical petty bureaucratic form, the local council officials told him you could not do that. No gardening on the footpath!! The typical response to anything outside their narrow world.

No gardening on the footpath said the local council

He worked to get the law changed and was successful. He also starred in a 2015 documentary about community gardens in South Central Los Angeles. After ten years he has many gardens around Los Angles in vacant land.

Read the full article on this link Gangsta Gardener in the Guardian.

Here is a link for his entry in the Ted Blog.

No more citations for roadside veggies in Los Angles.

He worked to get the law changed and was successful.

He even has his own master class on You Tube – I just saw the ad for it!

So, let’s just summarise – This is a black guy in South Central Los Angles who changes the Local Government laws, grows lots of food, spreads the word and starts lots of other gardens plus a film and a Ted Talk.

Talk about Flower Power! – What your excuse? I will leave you with one of his sayings

“Let’s all become gangsta gardeners … If you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta”