Pharmacists used to be Herbalists

Lets talk about what chemists used to do as opposed to what they are now. 
Once upon a time not too long ago Chemists were actually Pharmacists and used to manufacture compound medicines individually for you either to a Doctors script or from a short consultation at the  pharmacy.

Now a manufacturing pharmacist  is a specialty requiring additional studies and you need to travel to attend one.

The proof of that is in a set of old pharmacy records unearthed by Pam Scott and her sister. Pam kindly allowed me to take some photographs and view these documents.

The several volumes date from the turn of the 20th Century right up in the 1930’s. Herbs were part and parcel of the Chemists dispensary. The big change came post WWII when a range of manufactured drugs were released and the plant medicines let go.

The mentality changed as well with the new belief that what was made, manufactured and synthesised in a laboratory was inherently better than what came from the plant world.

So when you see a Chemist or Doctor talk down Herbal medicine you know you are hearing someone who is ignorant of their own professional heritage and development.

Have a look below at the picture – The neat cursive handwriting  – in pen and ink  The Pharmaceutical latin used to describe what was dispensed – The Pharmacist signature in the bottom left corner – The use of measurement short hand to record the dosage of the drug or plant, minums grains.  Nowadays it is in the metric system – Dosage and frequency.

The ruled columns on each page – the patients names on the front piece with the pages where something was dispensed as reference.

Unfortunately there is no record of the presenting symptoms or Doctor diagnosis  so you have to reverse engineer that. There seemed to be lots of digestive upsets in those times.

Having looked through the books there is the recorded usage of Belladonna, Nux Vomica, Quinine, Hyosyamus, Digitalis and Gelsemium.

Many of these herbs are no longer available commercially (probably wisely) as dispensing a therapeutic dose needed careful judgement and usage. All of the above mentioned are available homoeopathics thank goodness

Pharmacy Records & prescriptions
Handwritten Pharmacy records