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Welcome to Tinderry Mountain Herbs

Tinderry Mountain Herbs

An example garden of medicinal herbs created to show Herbalists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and interested people what the actual plants of their materia medica look like.

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Various talks are organised throughout the year for people to come and see the plants and learn various skills in making plant medicines. See the Activities page for more details.

It a arose from the fusion of Christopher Smith’s horticultural skills and an awakening interest in medicinal plants, especially in how to grow them in cool temperate conditions of Australia. Christopher says it is his personal contribution to the world of herbalism and show his passion for gathering eclectic knowledge and putting it together with a new practical perspective.

The collection has grown steadily since 2004 and he has amassed an unique range of over 100 medicinal plant species on a farm  in the Tinderry Mountains just outside Canberra Australia.

Key themes of this plant collection are

  • Iconic and endangered North American herbs
  • European herbs
  • Useful herbs not grown for the commercial trade or widely used
  • Tonic herbs



All photography on this web page is by Christopher Smith unless otherwise attributed.