Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith


Christopher has been working with the plant world for many decades. He trained in Horticulture at the Adelaide Botanic gardens and worked in the horticultural field for many years. Later studies in Environmental Science added to his skills and knowledge.

Christopher has been using and studying natural therapies for over ten years with studies into human physiology, herbs, homeopathy and spagyrics tinctures with the Hierophant.

Reading Matthew Woods book ‘Herbal Wisdom” sparked an interest in growing medical herbs. Further inspiration and guidance was drawn from the herbal masters Dorothy Hall, Michael Moore and Richo Cech.

With a background in horticulture every time he read of an especially interesting herb his thinking was of how to grow it. It took time to realise that there is no shortage of herbalists or homeopaths but a dire shortage of medicinal plant collections able to be viewed.

Christopher is also passionately interested in Biodynamic and is a life member of  Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Pty Ltd.