Schisandra glabra – The American connection

Schisandra glabra seed


Having joined United Plant Saver and received my first annual journal (Spring 2013) I was excited to see an article titled “Wu Wei Zi” the Chinese name of Schisandra by Glinda Watts.

Well my interest grew further when I realise that the article was talking about the American species of this famed tonic herb. I never knew that before and better yet there was the information that Horizon herbs have the seed for sale.

Immediately I was onto the web page and looking for Schisandra. Damn it was not there, conundrum number one.  Patience and sure enough the seeds were listed. So off goes the order and the precious seeds arrive. It said ten seeds on the packet but really only nine were of any use. Number 10 was in pieces! A victim of the international mail journey.

Well the next conundrum – what pre treatment to give these seeds? Horizon mentioned to soak overnight sow and leave over winter for a slow but steady germination over a year. Having already delved deeply into Schisandra germination with the chinensis species I decided to give it the same treatment (see previous post on Schisandra) with an added twist of watering with seaweed solution initially to boost germination. So the waiting game continues through the pre treatment process leading to germination.

Growing these plants teaches you patience. Its interesting that the older I become the more patient I am with these herbs that have long germination times. It becomes an interesting challenge rather than a frustration.