Talking to your Pharmacist

How to understand what the chemist is really saying
A pharmacist dispenses pharmaceutical medicine
 You may have had this experience and wondered if you were just lucky to have received special attention?

You have the script from the Doctor and attend the chemist to have it dispensed. All good so far.
The assistant usually takes your script back to the pharmacist to review.

The Pharmacist then comes out to you in person to talk over the medicine with you.  You are now being professionally advised politely and usually in a kind gentle understated manner on the side effects, how to take, maybe some other questions.

This means you PAY ATTENTION VERY CLOSELY. The Chemist is telling you all the things the Doctor did not have time for, forgot or did not know. ASK QUESTIONS!!! be curious. The Chemist is not just being nice he is carrying out his professional duty.

You have just fallen into the professional advice gap between Doctor and Chemist both of whom may not even know each other due to the separation of professions and business offices.

More commonly than we would all wish for there is a professional tension between what Doctors prescribe and what Chemists knows about the medicines and advise when dispensing. 

This is not indented to be anti Doctor or anti Chemist – its an insight  as to what is happening so you are aware and can pay attention.