The Earthwise Herbal Repertory

Earth wise Herbal Repertory

Matthew Wood’s latest book combining the structure of a homeopathic repertory with his lifetime of herbal knowledge and research. A powerful combination.

This is a work of great assistance to herbalists trying to keep 200-400 hundred herbs and their quirky beloved characteristics in your mind when treating people.

It has been a great strength of homeopathy that they have  a range of repertory’s to use depending on the approach and philosophy of the practitioner.

There is some insight into Matthews background and the number of homeopaths in his family tree. This homeopathic way of looking at cases has become part of his herbal work and studies to the benefit of as all. It has taken someone with the dedication, breadth of experience, knowledge of Matthew to pull this off.

This work bridges again the artificial divide between homeopaths and herbalists ( there never really was a divide). The wisdom captured here is not just Matt Wood but range of other herbalists – getting our accumulated wisdom down on paper and in a usable form.

There are lots of sagely asides giving additional details on the use of herbs clinically. Also blended in are tongue and pulse indications. It has a bibliography, formulary – index and summary of human physiology given from a herbalists functional perspective.

This is a book for the clinical table – never far from your side – may yours be dog-eared, well thumbed, annotated, tabbed and in continual use.

Rating – 9 out of 10 just for putting this together.