Who we support

United Plant Savers

United Pant savers   View their Web page

Tinderry Mountain herbs has been a member of this North American organisation for a number of years. We strongly support their aims and directly contribute to the conservation of medicinal herbs through education and propagation.


Biodynamic Agriculture Australia   View their web page

We have been a member of the BD group for 16 years and it is one of the not so secret ingredients that has allowed our garden to flourish in a challenging environment.

One of our neighbours ( now sadly passed away) came to see the garden 10 years after we initially moved in – his comment was  its a miracle this used to be a blooming rock pile!

Each year there will be opportunities for people to come and learn about biodynamics plus have some hands on in making and using the preparations.

Christopher also supports the organisation through collecting cow horns and making valerian preparation.



Oxfam Australia  View their web page

Christopher personally supports Oxfam with regular monthly donations. Oxfam steps in and cleans up the mess after natural disasters and works to empower communities. We do not live in a perfect world and shit happens. Oxfam helps clean that up.

Amazon Conservation Team  View their Web page

Guided by Dr. Mark Plotkin ( A Richard Evans Schulte student) this organisation works to empower native people in the Amazon to map, describe their own land and regain ownership of it. Also reinforcing and sustaining their culture way of life and heritage of knowledge. For any one interested in the Amazon its a must support organisation.

Tinderry Mountain Herbs is proud to help support this organisation and its work.

You can view Dr Plotkin talk on You Tube, its well worth it.


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Australian Wildlife Conservancy   View their Webpage

If you want to support practical on the ground conservation efforts then this is the premier organisation in Australia carrying out this work. They set up large sanctuaries in key ecosystems all around Australia..

View their website and consider donating to this worthy cause. Their track record  with reintroduction of endangered species is outstanding. The following information is from their website.

They manage 27 properties, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 4.6 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End.

The AWC estate protects a very high proportion of Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity including:

  • 72% of native mammal species (207 species)
  • 88% of native bird species (541 species)
  • 54% of native reptile species (523 species)
  • 54% of native amphibian species (127 species)


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New South Wales Rural Fire Service   View their webpage
If you live in a rural area then donating to the RFS is a no brainer