Successful Schisandra germination


Successful Schisandra germination

Well all the effort has brought success.  Here you can see photographs of the seed germinating and the radical (root) emerging after the involved manipulation of temperatures to stimulate germination.

The technique outlined in an earlier post has cut germination time from a sporadic year to about six months. Looking at the germination progressing over the last few days has been fascinating.

I have just found out  from All Rare Herbs that these plants  are male and female on separate plants so the next challenge is to determine the gender of the plants I am raising.

1-Schisandra seedling 2 DSC_0822

Trillium seed propogation


Earlier in 2013 I purchased some Trillium erectum ( birth root – beth root) seeds from Lynne’s Rare Plants in the Blue mountains. Lynn had collected the seed rubbed off the fleshy material and stored them cool and moist. Normally trillium takes two years to show any seed leaf with the first year being focussed on root development.

Well here in spring was eight little plants with their initial leaves . No pricking out at this stage probably next year. Trillium erectum is one of the main medicinal species but careful reading shows that all trilliums have medicinal properties and were used when needed. This is plant is on the UpS plant list of endangered medicinal plants in North America.

A plant with very special usages and deserving of cultivation. Through building up expertise in growing these plants we move towards having cultivated sources of these plants for medicine

False Solomons seal germination



False Solomons seal has now germinated this spring (2013) after a two year wait. Smilacina racemosa is the scientific name and it is a little known herbal plant from North America. Medicinal usage is very similar to that of true Solomons seal. Growth is much slower though and just when I was thinking of buying more plants, earlier seed I had sown germinated.  The plant flowers readily in a terminal raceme and has red berries which hang on the plant for along time.

The wait was two years so it will be a regular task each year now to harvest and sow the seed. Collect the berries when ripe and rubbing off the flesh place in a pot under your seed bench where it gets regular watering and you can forget about it for a year. A good reference for usage is Matthew Woods book on North American medicinal plants.