Polygonum multiflorum – He Shou Wu



After quite a search I finally was able to purchase some He Shou Wu plants from All Rare Herbs. This is a legendary Chinese tonic herb. The title translates as Uncle Wu’s black hair this being one of its properties to restore hair colour in many cases. Mine is still a work in progress though there is some reversal. The consumption of tonic herbs is best started early in life to nourish and conserve what life energies you have then. This is a message I have taken to heart with daily consumption of He Shou Wu and Schizandra.

This plant has large underground orange tubers which form over time. Recently re potted the roots were still establishing and no tubers was noticeable. To create the medicinal He Shou Wu the tubers are harvested ,sliced and then dried. After this they are simmered in a black bean liquor for several hour sr even days to modify the medicinal properties. This is one of the amazing aspects of Chinese herbalism that considerable effort goes into creating by various after treatments specific medicinal properties in the herb material. An aspect Western herbalism has not developed. In Chinese medicine it is extensive and very sophisticated.

There are very few sources of information about these herbal after treatments in the literature.  The picture is pieced together from various sources some of which contradict. Ahhhh the wonders of research and considered judgement.

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