Susun Weed in Canberrra


This November the Hierophant hosted a one day workshop with Susun Weed.

This is part of Susan’s tour of Australia speaking in various areas. Susun talked for six hours with no notes or prompts and shared her knowledge and practice of Wise Woman herbal infusions.

This is based on using herbal infusions from a range of medicine – food herbs as a regular part of your daily health regime. The plant range was dandelion, red clover, oat straw, burdock, chickweed and nettle. Yes almost common weeds but containing potent medicine power in a safe way.

Simple home based herbal medicine, capable of being carried out in any kitchen. This is herbal medicine as a tonic, restorative, prevention practice, exactly the place where herbs really shine.

Susan’s books and CD were for sale as well and apart from the herbal infusions  practice her knowledge and experience in the area of Woman’s heath is first class.

Susun is based in USA so to have a chance to hear learn and talk with her is a real treat. Look up her you tube videos they are good.

Plantain Power


Plantain as a herb poultice

Used as a fresh herb poultice this herb really shines. A plant we have walked over and near most of our lives. N fact one of its names is white mans footsteps. Until I used this plant as a fresh poultice its medicinal power was largely unknown to me.

When herbals talk of this plant and its ability to draw out matter or as a first aid herb usually the vital ingredient is left out.

What is this vital point ? That the herb works best when poulticed fresh.  Used as a spit poultice its easy to make and apply.  I have used it to remove  a fibreglass splinter. Having moved fibreglass  bathtubs without gloves this was bound to happen.

The next day feeding the geese I thought why not try a plantain poultice? – the herb was there right in from of me at the gate so chewing up some lives with plenty of saliva I placed the mash onto my affected finger. I then held it on and went about the morning chores. Near the pool I felt a sharp pain in this area and lo and behold one splinter removed.  Very impressive.

Next occasion was a bottom wisdom tooth. We all have wisdom tooth stories! Occasionally it becomes troublesome and the gums swell and become rather sore. I suffered for a few days then again I thought the plantain poultice. I created a sludgy ball of herb into the back area of my mouth and went about my business. It was in place for about an hour then I got sick of it an spat it out. There was noticeable relief that day and then the next day much better and the next again. One application for under an hour. Pretty good value.

Lomatium update


Well once again the seasons have passed around and just as I was wondering if the Lomatium had survived it has actually grown two leaves.

Having been at the one leaf stage for a couple of years this is progress – in a Lomatium time scale. This plant do  not rush or hurry.

I had potted it up in winter as the soil level was low and needed replenishing, all the time wondering if it was dead.

So tips on growing this plant – easy to germinate from seed – prick out all seedlings and clearly label the pots. expect the seedling to go dormant is there if a change in heat or soil moisture.

DO NOT CHUCK OUT THE EMPTY POTS ( a mistake that I made)

This plant has seasonal dormancy that comes and goes at irregular times not linked to our normal autumn. Soil mixture should be free draining with some compost added.

Celebrate and appreciate each time it come to life again !