Matthew Woods favourite herbs A photographic presentation

Matthew Wood is coming to town (Canberra) in April 2018 – OK you know that
This has spurred me into action to create a special product for the event. I’m a bit slow to get going so this project has a 10 year wind up behind it.

Using my photographic record I am creating a series of Power point slides each one focussing on a specific herb.  For April 2018 this will be volume 1 consisting of 10+ plants, many of them Matthew Wood favourites!

  • Heaps of quality detailed photos to show the herb in all its glory
  • All its parts roots shoots leaves flowers
  • Usage in herbal practice
  • Botany of the herb and its plant family
  • Quirky aspects of the plants
See the Amazing Herbal picture tab above for a sneak preview of one slide !!!!!!!

Bear in mind this is the low resolution version due to software limitations.

This will be for sale in April – you can register your interest by contacting me via email