What’s my WHY? on growing herbs

Here is my source story on how I started growing medicinal herbs. Enjoy!

It’s always good to understand where you are coming from and your WHY.

Here’s mine about why I grow medicinal herbs.

I’d been interested in herbs for a while. Did some courses at The Hierophant then I read this book in 2006…

I read this book by Matthew Wood…

Matthew Wood talking herbs on the farm – 2018

Matthew Woods The Book of Herbal Wisdom. A whole world opened up for me. Matt talked of herbs such as Solomons Seal, Sweet leaf and Teasel.  Entranced & impressed I beat a path to The Hierophant in Griffith ACT. For herbs & homeopathics it’s the go to place. Asking about these herbs in my breathless enthusiasm it turned out they had none of them.

None of these herbs were on the shelf… not one of them

It was then that my Horticultural training kicked into gear. Whispering in my ear it said “you have grown Solomons seal before remember…?”  I had once. I could do it again. So off to the internet to see what nursery had this plant. Soon enough I was buying plants from a Southern Highlands nursery and I was off to the races. Then the steady work started of growing & propagating until the magic day when I could make a small amount of tincture.

That’s when it all started…

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