Tinderry Mountain Herbs educates and empowers people on how to grow and use medicinal plants to improve their health.

You’re interested in herbs and… would like to know more

You may have grown some herbs already and want to expand your skills and knowledge.  Maybe you are just starting out and not sure what to do. You could also just be interested in herbal medicine. Welcome!

This could be the place for you if. . .

  • You’re looking for real practical knowledge
  • By someone who has actually grown over 100 different medicinal herbs
  • Want to hear from someone qualified rather than an instant internet ‘expert’
  • Would like things explained to you in a straight forward and common-sense manner rather than a bunch of technical terms
  • You want to see what the actual medicinal plants look like rather than try and decipher a botanical name or random photos online
  • Want to understand more about herbs, how to grow and use them in your life

If so, then perhaps you want to…

  • Learn a bit more about herbal medicine
  • Become confident in growing, understanding and using herbal medicine for yourself
  • Achieve a good working knowledge of how to use a few herbs well, for yourself and family

If that’s the case then you are in the right spot.         Welcome!

Hi, I’m Christopher Smith the owner of Tinderry Mountain Herbs and I want to welcome you here on your path of learning more about medicinal herbs.

I have been growing plants for decades ever since I built my own shade house as a young teenager. Since the year 2000 my interest in Natural medicine and herbs took off. Being a horticulturist, I obviously wanted to know how to grow them.

From 2010 I have run a variety of workshops and in person trainings about herbs showing people what they look like, their basic properties and how to grow medicinal plants.

My focus widened considerably in 2020 and I have become involved as a co-creator in making a basic herbal medicine education program for the everyday person. Its designed to take someone with an interest in herbs but little prior knowledge and ground them in the use of some key herbs they can grow and make medicine from for themselves and family.

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Thanks for stopping by