Looking for a trusted source of information about herbal medicine? Learn how to help yourself through these times.


We live in a current era of uncertainty and deep concerns in many areas. Be it drought, Bushfire, Flood, Coronavirus, Economic uncertainty or Government actions there is a lot going on.

Looking for knowledge that is tried true and trusted is important if you want to learn more about Herbal Medicine. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting as a complete newbie or are a qualified professional; having trusted sources of information and advice is vital.

 We all go looking on Google to surf the internet and see what comes up. Mostly its rubbish as searches are ranked on factors other than quality or truthfulness of information.  You really need to remember that, just because someone says it on the internet- it ain’t necessarily so as George & Ira Gershwin sang.

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Apothocary Action

To anyone who likes making herbal potions and preparations her yea! hear yea!

Limited places are available for people interested in learning how to make different herbal products. Two workshops per month, see the activity tab in the menu bar for further details.

Tinctures, jellies, herbal honey, salves and infused oils.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to make a range of different herbal preparations.

Advance bookings are needed to secure your place and support the activity going ahead.

EMAIL me to book now [tinderryherbs@gmail.com]

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Herbal Botany Day

Last November it was a great pleasure to have the Herbal medicine students from Om Shanti College rambling through the garden. Having been used to my own workshops in the garden it was good to hear people interacting with the herbs while I was working on other things. The garden loves company and people interacting with it.

Steve Allen their trainer, showed them the wonder of herbs and botany. The students braved a monsoonal downpour which pulped all written material exposed to it in seconds.

The student’s sense of humour was sorely tested as their assessment sheets became smudged ink and illegible.  Later on in the evening a party returned to the farm as a ford in the road was too deep for them to cross. We sat around in the lounge and talked while sipping on some home-made chai – great memories.

Have a look at the faces of these people. They are the next generation of herbalists.

Looking forward to having the class out again this year 2015.

Botany day 2014 Steve Allen

Botany day 2014 Steve Allen