Christopher Smith

How did I start my connection with medicinal herbs?…

Hi, I’m Christopher Smith and I am passionate about sharing the world of plants and medicinal herbs with people

Well when I was at the Botanic Garden in Adelaide in the late 1970’s studying horticulture one of the senior gardeners showed me about the healing benefits of comfrey…. A herb with hundreds of years of folk usage as a healing agent.

He headed straight to the comfrey plant

He had cut his hand and while we were looking for band aids, he headed to the comfrey plant, pick a leaf then proceeded to squeeze the juice out of the stem onto the cut. He said this will take about three days to heal and it did – cleanly no infection or scarring. I’ve always remembered that.

Well before the Botanic Garden a deep connection with the plant world was formed in my childhood with my Mother’s garden in Rostrevor Adelaide and later sparked off by a kind gift of plants from my Aunty Cath.

A kind gift from my Aunty of plants

That set me on the path to be at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens watching the Senior gardener heal his wound. So, behind the herbal obsession is a decades long plant obsession. For me any problems in the world are to be solved by more plants.

It sparked an interest in growing medicinal herbs

My studies into herbal medicine and homeopathy started over twenty years ago but it was in 2006 that these two streams of interest and experience blended into one. I was reading Matthew Woods book ‘Herbal Wisdom” and it sparked an interest in growing medical herbs.

You can read a little more of that here Follow the herbal breadcrumb trail

For me any problem in the world is to be solved by more plants

As you look around the website and my blogs or subscribe to the newsletter you will see that I am passionate in sharing how plants and medicinal herbs can improve our world, leading us to better health, physically emotionally and mentally.

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I leave you with one last photo – my personal favourite. Here I am with my Dad and brother, Aunty Cath & Uncle Jack and cousins. We are in their garden and it was the day I went home with a motley collection of plants in tin cans to start my own growing journey.

P.S. I am just to the left of Uncle Jack’s head in the yellow shirt – look hard!