Follow the breadcrumb trail

Strange things happen when you read a herb book…

Follow the breadcrumb trail into the deep dark woods of the unknown

I recently reflected on how my adventure into Herbal Medicine had came together over the years.

Did your Mum & Dad read you fairy stores before you went to bed?… I hope so.. What about Hansel & Gretel and that wonderful image of the bread crumb trail in the woods?

Well let me tell you my story of a reverse bread crumb trail where instead of them being eaten by birds and you loose your way, I ended up following Matthew Woods herbal bread crumb trail into the deep dark mysterious Herbal Woods where few go and about which strange tales are told in polite society.

You start off buying a herb book from an Author you respect. Bread crumb #1

In the book are portraits if you like of a range of herbs, all their quirky little characteristics and at the the end of each chapter is a brief description of how to make medicine from them.

Nothing intimidating just simple steps like take this part of the plant add the brandy of vodka then wait a bit and strain out. Nothing intimidating or complicated. The best way to start – Breadcrumb #2

That book is Matthew Woods  The Book of Herbal Wisdom. Well I read the book and got inspired by several plants and set off …

The Book of Herbal Wisdom
Matthew Woods book of herbal wisdom.

First stop was the Hierophant my favourite Herb store. The herbs I was after were not made commercially and Solomon’s Seal was one of them.

So the horticultural brain kicked into gear and said – well we can find the plant and grow it – Breadcrumb #3

So I did and eventually made my own Solomon’s seal tincture. From there interest kindled in these herbs, the collection of plants expanded. They expanded so much that Matthew on his last two visits to Australia came and spent time on the farm with the herb collection.

A herbal colleague visiting the farm said to me – go and do the workshop at Pindari herb farm in Tasmania – Breadcrumb#4 so I did.

Standing in the herb patch one day on a visit, a Local College CEO said to me – Hey why don’t you become professionally qualified – Breadcrumb#5  So I did.

The bread crumb trail never ends… and I am still following it even today The talk I am giving this coming Wednesday came out of that bread crumb trail followed over the years.

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