Looking for a trusted source of information about herbal medicine? Learn how to help yourself through these times.

We live in a current era of uncertainty and deep concerns in many areas. Be it drought, Bushfire, Flood, Coronavirus, Economic uncertainty or Government actions there is a lot going on.

Looking for knowledge that is tried true and trusted is important if you want to learn more about Herbal Medicine. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting as a complete newbie or are a qualified professional; having trusted sources of information and advice is vital.

 We all go looking on Google to surf the internet and see what comes up. Mostly its rubbish as searches are ranked on factors other than quality or truthfulness of information.  You really need to remember that, just because someone says it on the internet- it ain’t necessarily so as George & Ira Gershwin sang.

Ask yourself the question? – Who is saying what, where are they coming from conceptually, are they experienced, qualified, have they grown the plants? do they make their own medicine? are they a bottle herbalist and have only interacted with plants by mowing the lawn and seeing pictures in books?

Now you won’t easily find that out just by reading their piece.

Currently I am co-collaborating with another Herbalist Wendy Dumaresq on creating a herbal medicine course that is a reliable source of information and guide for people who want to do herbal medicine for their own health.

Between us there is over 70 years of experience in growing herbs, making herbal medicines, clinically using herbs etc. Valuable hands on professional experience that’s not to be sneezed at!

Over the next two months I will tell you more about this project as it takes shape. If you want to be on a select information list (no obligation) to learn more send me an email contact page and I will be in touch.

If you are real keen then you want to be on this list as a select few people will get a sample of the course – the Beta version to try out. See my earlier post where there is an interview with my co-collaborator Wendy who talks about it.