What do people say?

‘if you were wondering how good Christopher’s Comfrey cream and Skin cream is – I can tell you it is “bloody good stuff”

It does not leave an oily residue. It is not highly scented.

“I use it after spending some time out in the garden and the comfrey cream with the tincture in it is great for small nicks and cuts.

I also use the moisture cream before I go to bed as it is so lovely on the skin. Thanks Christopher for a fabulous product“.

Dot Mangan Victoria.

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” My skin is keeping soft and moist. My overriding delight is that the ingredients have been grown using biodynamic practices.”

Jocelyn ACT.

“The texture is like silk and it softens my old teenage scars.”


Canberra ACT.

“I love the moisturiser, it’s so gentle and smooth to apply.”


Canberra ACT.

Herbal Medicine Secrets
Herbal Medicine Secrets