Herb Videos

Hawk Weed

My first herb video on the windy High Bogong plains collecting King Devil hawk weed (Hieracium praeltum). Somewhat wobbly with lots of wind noise this is the first video on my iPhone, may it the the first of many.

Following up on a comment from Tim Thomas (Hierophant) that this plant was no longer available commercially I located a colony of the plant in Victoria. I travelled into Victoria March 2015 and gathered this plant plus alpine yarrow.

Assisted by my good friend Les Terrett we located and gathered this wonderful herb. Kim Dudley had hawk weed linked to treating sciatica.

You also get a great view of my slowly increasing bald patch.


Heiracium praeltum

Heiracium praeltum

Golden Seal

Also on this wonderful trip into Victoria I met up with Tony Hosemans who has been a champion of growing Golden seal for many years. Here are a range of clips with Tony talking about growth rates with his new potting mix and showing the wonderful yellow roots of this plant.

Tony Hoseman shares his wonderful knowledge about Golden Seal propagation